Host: Elena

“If you want a rest area in connection with nature, this is the place where you lose track of time and reencontrarás being. Cabaneiro home is the environment we have created for you to enjoy the new dimension of rest: leisure, rest and physical therapy for recovery are our recipe. Cabaneiro house is a space for personal growth”
Casa Cabaneiro
  Rural House

Lg. Viladoniga, 3. CERDIDO (A Coruña)
43.6231881, -8,001611400000002
600 581 993
Operating time: All year
Accommodation type: Breakfast, Half pension (Hours adapted)
Commercial services at 1 km away or less
Price: From €50
Rooms: 5 (Double)
Heating: Full heated facilities
Own garden
Garage for bikes
Galician, spanish, english
Information about recycling and sustainability staff and guests are offered
Energy consumption
Irrigation control, Use of energy-saving bulbs, Control of outdoor and indoor lighting
Tablecloths and cloth napkins
Additional Services
Library, Organization of picnics, Special menus with organic products, Special menus with local products, Special menus with home grown products, Transportation from sites, Organization of sports and leisure activities, Laundry service, Pets allowed (Under prior consultation. €10 supplement is charged), Special menus for vegetarians, vegans or food intolerant guests
Others: Car pickup line Felgosas, in other seasons under tariffed, Agreement with taxi in the area