Experience Slow Tourism

You are about to discover a land full of contrasts! A land with succulent gastronomy, uncountable hideaways surrounded nature, trails to relax and unwind and enjoy our cultural heritage. If you really want to experience a new culture, be mesmerized by the cuisine, the sights, the sounds, Northern Galicia is the perfect choice. The North of Galicia has plenty to see, but a lot more to discover. Are you ready for the Turismo Slow experience?

Choose Where to Stay

Turismo Slow Norte de Galicia wants your stay to be as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible. This means being able to enjoy life at your own pace. For this reason we would like to show you all the accommodation facilities that are available in our area giving you the opportunity to adapt to the one that most suits your needs and preferences in order to have a perfect slow experience

And if you want to give someone an experience of Slow Tourism Northern Galicia, we have GIFT RESERVATIONS!!

Accommodation Map

from here you have the ability to view the location of accommodation and services for filtering you can do from the browser