slow philosophy

For us, the people behind this project, Slow Tourism North Galicia is the way to make known the essence of our territory, that which defines it: a land full of contrasts, with its own gastronomy, a multitude of secret places and natural landscapes, with routes to get lost and enjoy our traditional culture.

All this is resumed in this website, which we turn into a showcase of what you can find in this destination.

But, above all, Slow Tourism North Galicia is a project that seeks sustainability and in which we want to reflect our commitment to the environment and society.



sustainability and responsibility

We seek sustainability through responsibility:

     > environmental responsibility to maintain what surrounds us, the basis of our idiosyncrasy from nature, its strength and character.

     > and social responsibility through a collaborative economy that reverts to our local community, using the closest resources and products so that the return of our activity becomes something positive for all the people who live in this area.

Slow Tourism North Galicia, therefore, is more than a tourism project, it is the search for sustainability: the economic, environmental and social balance with our activity, to produce a positive return in our closest environment.

And this philosophy is what we try to bring to our project and reflect on our website, showing more than just a list of accommodations, communicating the commitment of the companies.


Commitment with the environment: the companies that are part of Slow Tourism North Galicia discover their secrets regarding their relationship with the environment (clean energy, control of consumption, reuse of waste water…), as well as the good practices of the hosts focused on being responsible in the environmental aspect: either reducing the impact on the environment or giving back what we have borrowed (recycling, ecology…). You can see these data in the section “Accommodation.
Commitment with society: we are very aware of our rich heritage, culture and gastronomy and the importance of the km0 economy. Therefore, in the breakfast, lunch or dinner that we offer in our accommodations you will be able to enjoy local products, always from a healthy and integrating perspective. Not all the accommodations offer the same, but we are all aware of the need to meet new trends and demands in food, so we apply training and continuous improvement to learn new menus and recipes according to those demands but without losing the essence of the North of the North, because the basis of a healthy meal is in the quality of the products, and that can not be explained, you’ll have to come to check!