Host: Lorgi

"“A FINCA HOTEL RURAL is a dream hotel, from the moment you arrive it is like being at home. Here you will find a splendid sunrise, authentic cosy spaces in our garden, a place where you will be able to totally relax and where you can enjoy hiking routes that will take you to disconnect from the exhaustion of your mind.“"  
Hotel Rural A Finca

Baixada á Praia, 14. San Cosme de Barreiros (Lugo)
652 482 208
Operating time: All year round
Accommodation type: Room and breakfast (Pre-fixed times.)
Price from: 60 €

Rooms: 9 (Doubles, suite and 3 bedroom apartment)
Heating: Individual
Own garden.
Garage for bikes.
Location of protected area
Praia das Catedrais - LIC Red Natura 2000
Use of recycled paper in accommodation management. Use of recycled printing inks. Recycling and sustainability information is provided to staff. Recycling and sustainability information is provided to guests. Responsible waste management.
Energy consumption
Use of energy-saving light bulbs. Control of outdoor lighting. Control of indoor lighting. Lighting in communal areas by means of presence detectors.
Renewable energy
Solar panels.
Use of biodegradable or natural cleaning products.