choose a path to engage in nature

Northern Galicia offers many options to carry out endless number of routes on foot, on bicycle, on horse and even canoeing. Following these trails will provide you with the most authentic contact with nature. A breathtaking landscape that is to be enjoyed fully.


Discover the trails that make up our unique landscape, those that lead you to breathtaking cliff’s edges, deserted beaches, dense forests, green valleys and still rivers. With its unspoilt landscape Northern Galicia is a real paradise for those who love sea and the land.

We will give you examples of the different routes that pass through eye-catching spots that encompass those elements of our history such as castles, bridges or manor houses. These will surely give you a different perspective on the beauty and richness of our setting.

Let your hosts recommend the best routes to fully enjoy every corner of Northern Galicia.

Hiking and horse riding routes
• As Fragas do Eume – Os Encomendeiros
• Camino de la Costa
• Camino de Santiago Inglés
• Senda Litoral Ártabra
• Morgallón-Río Sor-Morgallón
• Camino Santiago Norte
• Camino San Rosendo
• Ruta del Auga
Riding and BTT routes
• Entre dos Rías
• Ruta de las Playas
• Ruta de los Castillos
• Camino Natural Ruta del Cantábrico
• Costa Occidental A Mariña Lucense
• Costa Oriental A Mariña Lucense
Kayaking routes
• Río Sor
• Río Masma
• Ría do Eo
• Ría de Ortigueira
• Río Eume
• Ría do Barqueiro