Symbols and Services

One will find in our accommodation at Slow Friendly various services and areas adapted to your needs that will make your stay at our sites most enjoyable.

In order to help you easily choose your needs, we have classified each of our lodgings with one, two or three snails. The snail represents our Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia.

The allotment of snails is relative to the number of services offered by each of the lodgings and will help you determine their Slow Friendlystandard.

The services you will enjoy, among others, are:

• Breakfast hours adapted to your needs
• Organization of picnics
• Special menus with organic products
• Special menus with local products
• Special menus with home grown products
• Special menus for vegetarians, vegans or food intolerant guests
• Bicycle rentals
• Transportation from sites
• Organization of sports and leisure activities
• Laundry service
• Pets allowed
• Garage for bikes
• Library
• Eco-friendly management
• Etc…