Slow Bonds

Give a different tourism experience, without haste, to learn or relearn how to enjoy life differently. A sustainable journey, a journey with consciousness, which interact with the local culture, sample local products and activities in nature.

The bonds contain stays Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia and can be purchased by contacting directly with the host and / or host accommodation you choose. Entering the accommodation file you like and contact a host or hostess through its website, telephone or email.
Conditions Gift Bonds

– The bonds can be purchased with no set date. The date to enjoy it later can be chosen by the holder of the bond, with a time limit of 12 months from purchase.
– To enjoy the bonds, it is essential to make a reservation, indicating the bonus number and the name of the holder.
– The gift voucher is subject to the availability of each establishment, being able to reserve the right not to accept bonds overnight accommodation on the dates that the establishment requires a greater number of night minimum>
– Valid for specific services listed in Bono, on the specified property for your enjoyment.
– The bonds are not redeemable for cash any case.
– Shelf Life: 12 months from date of issue.
– See supplements for child and third person housing bonds.