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An unspoilt and unpolluted landscape with its rough coasts and infinite protected areas

Experience Northern Galicia, a magical place where the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea merge, a place to discover secret hideaways and feel the serenity of a place where time has stood still.

Turismo Slow Norte de Galicia provides you with the opportunity to enjoy an unspoilt and unpolluted landscape with its rough coasts and infinite protected areas….and a pace of life that is worth restoring, a pace that is marked only by our biological clock. Here you can enjoy the pleasure of travelling with no rush, taking advantage of every sensation and every occasion to enjoy life in a different way. A sustainable journey, one that makes the traveler think and interact with the local community, taste regional food and take part in outdoor activities.

Few places can offer such captivating natural scenery such as those to be enjoyed here.

Climb to the edges of one of the highest cliffs in Europe and visit Nature’s wonders such as the Reservas de la Biosfera Río Eo, Oscos e Terras de Bourón and Terras do Miño, and one of the most preserved forest area in Europe, the Fragas do Eume. Travel through the Ria de O Barqueiro to find that the silence is only disturbed by the deer, herons and falcons. Stroll across the Via Verde del Eo and embrace the gigantic eucalyptus tree in Souto da Retorta. Enjoy the spectacular views from the most northern region of the Iberian Peninsula, Estaca de Bares (declared most northern point and National Nature Site in 1933), and observe flocks of migrating birds or contemplate the oldest rocks on the planet, the eclogites, in Cabo Ortegal.

Let yourself get carried away in history travelling back to when the oldest cathedral in Spain was built and where villas and medieval castles were constructed. Become enchanted by the legends and stories with their bewitching magical essence.

Northern Galicia is not only abounding with natural, cultural and historic heritage, but also with a special ethnographical feeling transmitted by the stories of the local inhabitants.

In this region you can enjoy the sight of the merger of two infinite seas, walk along endless beaches and hide away in small coves along the coastline. You can observe the ocean’s magnitude from the highest cliffs and unwind in hidden places from the rest of the busy world.

The legend of San Andrés de Teixido states that those who do not visit during their lifetime, will visit in their afterlife. If this is true, we are sure that sooner or later you will come and visit Northern Galicia. We are waiting for you!