Craft making is an essential part of the cultural tradition in Northern Galicia. Hidden in many remote areas are gifted craftsmen who are dedicated to traditional as well as modern craft making. Traditional craftsmanship is a vital part of the rural areas but more avant garde craft making is becoming very popular nationally and internationally.

You can freely visit our artisans. These will open their workshops and explain, through their own lifestyle and experience, the laborious tasks of being a blacksmith for example, what elements inspire their creativity, how do they convey their artistic expression using a potter’s wheel, what designs does a knives maker make use of, what does the wood needed to make a boat feel like, how does one make a fishing net, to mention a few. No doubt each artisan will agree that their work is the most beautiful in the world..

Come in, look around, learn, touch, feel and participate!.
Open your mind and senses to a world of unique experiences…