our industry
Come and discover the influence that many industries, some international, have had in Northern Galicia.

As a highlight, we must mention, the ceramic industry in the Mariña Lucense (Northern Lugo), the Sargadelos factory whose origins date back to the 19th century (1806) and famous for traditional elaboration of unique collector’s items.

In Ferrol you will find a great industrial heritage in the shipbuilding industry visiting the Astilleros and Arenal shipyards.These have become an acclaimed tourist site for all ages.

Minery is also an important asset to the region. You can tour the Minas de Vilaoudriz (A Pontenova) and follow the railway to Ribadeo to visit O Cargadoiro to see a monumental stone and steel structure that was once used for mining. In Viveiro you can take the route to Minas da Silvarosa y Galdo where mineral was extracted years ago and you can still visit the shafts, the quarry, and its ancient buildings.

Within the agricultural industry, the north of Galicia has numerous sites full of history such as the Molinos of Neda and Narón. These mills were essential for bread making. The canning industry, especially seafood, has gained international prestige by means of artisan production.