Host: Pepa

"This old farmhouse, dating from the end of the 18th century, has undergone multiple renovations to create rooms full of balance and exquisite artistic details, very personal and comfortable rooms and, above all, an evocative garden that creates a charming atmosphere. We want people to enjoy a familiar, serene and peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature and heritage."  
A Cortiña de Cantalarrana
  Casa de turismo Rural/Rural House
  RIBADEO (Lugo)

Paco Lanza 3, RIBADEO (Lugo)
43,5360 , -7,0534
Operating time: March to november
Accommodation type: Room and breakfast
Price from: 70 €

Rooms: 5 (Double)
Heating: Individual heating per room
Own garden.
Garage for bikes.
Galician, Spanish.
Location of protected area
Biosphere Reserve.
Use of recycled printing inks. Recycling and sustainability information is provided to staff. Recycling and sustainability information is provided to guests.
Energy consumption
Irrigation control. Use of energy-saving light bulbs. Control of outdoor lighting. Control of indoor lighting.
Natural fertilisers are used. Use of km.0 water. Use of biodegradable or natural cleaning products. Tablecloths and napkins are made of cloth.

Additional Services
Library. Organic products. Local or km.0 products. Homemade products. Bicycle rental management service. Management of welfare activities.