Hosts: Jose e Lorena

“Built in 1885 by the Mendez Lago family, Casa Amando was in its beginnings an ultramarine, home of meals and at the same time lodging. Renovated in 2010, Casa Amando is nowadays a getaway place to disconnect from everyday stress and enjoy the tranquility of the environment, in a facility of a lifetime but with the best comforts and the best treatment. We wait for you!”
Casa Amando

Lg.Iglesia, 35. AS SOMOZAS 15665 (A Coruña)
43.348431, -8.40137
981 404 083
Operating time: All year
Accommodation type: Breakfast (Hours adapted)
Commercial services at 1 km away or less
Price: From €50
Rooms: 12 (Single, double, triple)
Heating: Individual per room
Garage for bikes
Galician, spanish, english
Use of recycled paper and inks
Energy consumption
Use of energy-saving bulbs, Control of outdoor and indoor lighting
Renewable energy
Solar panels
Paper Tablecloths and napkins

Additional Services
Organization of picnics, Special menus with organic products, Special menus with local products, Special menus with home grown products, Transportation from sites, Organization of sports activities, Laundry service, Special menus for vegetarians, vegans or food intolerant guests
Otros: Self service