secret hideaways

Choose a path to engage in nature
Natural Heritage
Your hosts will reveal secret hideaway places for you to discover and enjoy. These will be ideal to unwind, and make you feel that time has paused.

Galicia, is without a doubt, a unique place. It is a land full of forests, cliffs, beaches and rivers. In Northern Galicia there a hundreds of magnificent places where tourists can visit. Many of them you will find in the most beautiful places to visit list. Some of these are the As Catedrais Beach or the Bench at Loiba (this bench overlooks the most spectacular cliff’s edge in the world). These are magical places that really have no secrets! You probably will have to stand in a queue to go under the catedrales on the beach or to sit on the most wonderful bench in the world to take photos or a selfie.

The secret hideaways which Turismo Slow proposes in Northern Galicia are quite the opposite. These are places that hardly anyone ever visits, places that you cannot find in guide books, and sites that for many are more spectacular than those that are more popular. These places unknown to many people, even to those who live close by. They are magical spots to relax, unwind, enjoy and feel. Places where one can spend time to walk or simply to contemplate the landscape Northern Galicia has to offer.

Ask your hosts to point out these places to you, spots where you can truly hide away and enjoy the sensations that they inspire…