Therefore, in this new and special reality that leaves us the pandemic generated by the Covid-19, we want to highlight the advantages of choosing this destination and, above all, the stays in slow accommodation, by the following characteristics:


> They are located in rural areas, far from big cities or large population centres, and without crowds of people
> You can choose to spend your stay in an independent house or appartment completely at your own pace!

> Shared accommodation are small, with 5 or 6 rooms (maximum 18 rooms)

> Most of the recommended experiences and activities are in nature, in open spaces and giving priority to lesser known corners, where you can be alone or in the company of whomever you choose, enjoying the landscape, the sound, the fauna, the flora, the heritage, etc.

> Many of the slow experiences and activities can be done at any time and without the need for groups, even without guidance or accompaniment