slow experiences

Most likely in this section you expect to find endless experiences or packages to choose from in order to submerge in essence of the Northern North during your stay. These will leave you with “slow” sensations…However, before commenting on experiences, let us fully explain what is Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia and how it Works.

For us, those who are behind this innovative idea, Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia is a means of explaining and revealing the essence of our land. This land is defined as one full of contrasts, its own culinary culture, numerous hidden places or routes to lose oneself and enjoy our traditional culture. All of can be summarized in this website, where we want to showcase all that can be found in our destinations. But for us, overall, Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia is a project that looks for sustainability and where we emphasize our responsibility with our surroundings.


sustainability and responsibility

For us Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia is a project that looks for sustainability and where we emphasize our responsibility with our surroundings:

     > environmental responsibility in order to maintain our surroundings, the basis of our heritage based on nature, its strength and its essence

     > and social responsibility by means of a collaborative economy that invests in our communities using local products and resources and through our initiative provides positive benefits for all those who live in the area

Thereby, Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia is more than a touristic business plan, it is the search for sustainability: economic, environmental and social balance of our activity in order to produce positive returns for our nearby surroundings.

It is with this philosophy that we attempt to carry out our business and advocate through our website more than a mere list of accommodations, but a true engagement with local traders.


Commitment with the environment: the businesses which make up Slow Tourism in Northern Galicia make us discover Galicia’s secrets regarding its relationship with its surroundings (clean energy, consumption control, residual water reuse), good practice of the host companies focalized on environmental responsibility: by means of reducing the impact on the environment or returning back to nature all that we have borrowed (recycling, ecological means). For more data and information see “Accommodation.
Commitment with society: we are aware of the richness of our heritage sites, our cultural and culinary traditions and of the importance of zero economy for subsitence. Thereby, the meals we offer with our accommodation are all made with and from local products providing a healthy and integrated option. Not all accommodation offers share this philosophy, we, however, are conscious of the need to consider new and more organic trends in the food sector without sacrificing the essence of the Northern North. The quality of our local products make up a healthy and natural option for our diet… this cannot be explained in words…you have to come and try for yourself!!


more slow experiences

Apart from enjoying our beautiful landscape, our accommodation offers and the special care provided by our hosts (which is a lot!!!), we offer other experiences that are based on our philosophy:


local products

Come and visit our local artisans and farmers whose products are elaborated using traditional and sustainable methods in their elaboration. These methods fully guarantee the quality and taste of our region: the sea and the countryside.