Leisurely experience the richness and flavors of the local food. Both the variety and quality of our products are one of our most appreciated signs of our identity. Taste the local recipes where you will savour traditional cooking as well as new, innovative cuisine.



We invite you to travel all over Northern Galicia where you will find the most charming restaurants. In these restaurants you will find that the products in season constitute many dishes in their menus, from the most traditional to the more innovative. Ask your hosts to give you their best advice on where to eat.

Many of these products are local and cannot be found anywhere else. These are the Pemento do Couto (green peppers), la Faba de Lourenzá (stewed beans) o el Tetilla Cheese (Moeche), These products have gained recognition as unique products of this area.


Discover the resources our sea has to offer (Northern Galicia is surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic and the Cantabrian). For this reason, our finest products are those that are fished in our waters. Some of these are:
          •  Barnacles in Cedeira y Rinlo
          •  Octopus in Mugardos y Ribadeo
          •  Sardines and canned seafood in Cariño
          •  Line-caught hake in Celeiro and Burela
          •  Albacore tuna in Burela
          •  Cockles/Coquina in O Barqueiro and O Vicedo
          •  Sea urchin and mussels in Cibrao
          •  Cockles in Foz
Also try the delicious products from the interior of Galicia such as:
          •  Artisan bread from Neda
          •  Wild mushrooms As Pontes
          •  Turnip tops (Grelos) Monfero and Cerdido
          •  Tender veal from A Capelada
          •  Honey in O Valadouro, San Sadurniños or Moeche
          •  Trout in A Pontenova
          •  Empanada de Mondoñedo
          •  Pastelón en A Mariña (Flaky meat pie)
After your meal savour one of our typical desserts such as the mantecados of As Pontes or the almond tart of Mondoñedo.